01 Jan Art And Craft Tips For Teachers

Art And Craft

If you are a playschool teacher, you will know how tedious and messy it can get when you put craft supplies and kids in the same room. The following tips will help you avert sticky situations involving glue and paint.

1. While handling Glue

It is best to match the color of the glitter with the color of the glue instead of having it all over white glue. After you have applied glue to the paper, make sure to use a gripping tool such as a pair of tweezers so that your hands do not end up being sticky and murky. While handing out glue sticks, keep the cap and only then should you hand them out so that the caps aren't lost. After they are done with the glue stick, you just have to put them back. Doing this will help you save a lot of glue sticks from being extremely dry. While storing bottled or white glue, make sure that they are placed in an upside down position so that the adhesive will be present at the nozzle at all times. Art And Craft

2. While Handling Scissors

To help the children learn better, with the help of a marker, draw a figure such as a smiley face on the nails of their thumbs so that they have a reason to remember that their thumbs should always face upwards. While they perform their craft projects, they will have a lot of paper that they won't need. Hand two containers for each student so that they can have a container each for the working pieces as well as the waste. In situations where your student has to cut the same shape more than once, have all the papers stapled together at the corners so that they only have to cut just once while also being easy to handle. The shapes will also be uniform.

3. While Handling Paint

Stock the inventory with liquid watercolor bottles so that you only have to replace the colors that are over and not the set itself. To let the replaced colors set, place them in a dry place. You can also use washable Crayola markers as an alternative to watercolors. All you have to do is draw circles on a piece of paper, and the colors can be used just like any other watercolor set. To make the background coloring a more straightforward task, hand your student a paint roller.

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