Lately I have a great desire for sweets. I also have so much sleep that I often lean on the couch to watch a cartoon with my daughter and I fall asleep suddenly.
Who knows, it will be hot I tell myself, it will be that I am getting old, my husband tells me. But whether it’s the heat or the age (and if it’s the age I start to worry about my old age, I do not want to become a narcissistic grandmother!) The only thing that wakes me up is a break with some cookies.
So it’s a bit ‘of time that churning out tons and never enough. Although the heat does not help the oven ignition, when it comes to sweets I do not care anymore. For cookies and bread I would also be able to put myself in the oven!
For these delicious cookies I wanted to follow a little the classic recipe of double chocolate chip American cookies, those made with dark chocolate and enriched with chocolate chips, usually with milk, but there are many versions around: with hazelnuts, pecans , raisins, pieces of white chocolate or with the Smarties!
I deviated from these enrichments to look for something more healthy in my dispensation. And they came to my mind: goji berries.
You know very well that I often put them everywhere, but I have to say that I put them a little more often in desserts.
It will be for their sweet taste, it will be for the texture, but to me tied in a sweet dough they go crazy!
And I was not mistaken except with the doses, too few came out!
Accomplice also the combination with sparkling brut drusian for a special afternoons and a bit ‘vicious (but the weekend also serve this, no?), The time of the photos, to fill our glasses and … they were already finished!
I think I found the perfect match for this sparkling wine: chocolate! In fact, it already married well with my chocolate cashew cake , but I was pleasantly surprised even with these simpler biscuits. To be redone as soon as possible!
There is only one problem to fix, having finished the cookies I need something else against the blows of sleep!
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