Let’s start the week with my first recipe for the way of flavors ! This month, Spain has made me happy, I have many recipes in my heart about my thousand trips to the land of the sun, but one in particular is really dear to me: the paella.
My love for this typical dish was born before I set foot in Spain, from a wonderful story made by my cousin that exalted the flavor, the consistency of the rice, the beauty of the way it is served! My luck was that after just a month with the school I ended up in Barcelona! And while the other guys dreamed of going wild at the maremagnum, I only wanted two things: to see the palaces of Gaudì and eat me the paella! Oh yes, I was definitely an adolescent outside the box. Luckily I had a friend like me who followed me in everything!
And what to say, the paella has fascinated me as much as Gaudi!
In my other Spanish trips I have always eaten vagonate of paella. Especially in the last one, done when I was pregnant. A single dish in which I did not have to avoid anything and that as I had before him I did not regret their ham that I could not eat with my belly.
After the personal parenthesis on my story with paella we come a bit to serious things: the history of the dish.
The paella is perhaps the most famous dish of Spanish gastronomy, since the eighteenth century, there is already news of the dish known as paella.
The first paella was born in the area of ​​Valencia and the name derives from the pan in which it is cooked, this vessel is nothing but the paella. “Paella” and not “paellera” because “paellera” is the woman who cooks the paella!
The origin of the paella, like all the dishes of the popular cuisine, is nothing but the union of the elements that each country had in its surroundings and traditionally the paella was eaten in the same container in which it is cooked.
And now we come to mine … I preferred to cook the Valencian paella after reading the origins of this dish, and I went to get the paella to cook it. I thought it was a more difficult task to find it and instead it was not so, thankfully! Of course, now I have to find other uses for this pot …!
For the recipe I followed that base, a few ingredients and a cooking of about an hour. With a preparation of half an hour before I can tell you that it is a weekend dish. We must have time to bring it to the table!
But then the effort is rewarded! Good, just like the one I ate over and over! Saffron only colors rice, with all the flavors that are almost not noticed. There is not one ingredient that covers another among others, they are all balanced in order to be present in every bite! And the rice, I had the dread scusocesse, but no, while cooking more does not lose its consistency.
Perhaps the only flaw in my paella is that I cut the meat into pieces that are too big. But on the other hand I did not have the mix for paella that they sell in Spain at hand!
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