I am in full Spanish for ” the way of flavors “. A few recipes arrived that put me in charge and I wanted to celebrate the theme.
With what? What questions, with a sweet!
The churros are a small delicacy that have accompanied my Spanish travels. They are mostly found on the street, in small stalls along the streets in the squares, even if the good ones I have eaten at the market!
Fried and sugary after eating them all you need is to wash your hands. Why, yes, you get in hand with the beautiful paper straw and a paper towel, but in record time the sugar (and the anointed) will end everywhere! To eat warm because they are even better than freshly made and the best would be to dip them in a nice cup of hot chocolate!
But given the season even a chocolate pouring on it is not bad! So if one is planning to get his fingers dirty … can he do it just right?
My parents could not be real churros not having the “churrera”. Do not laugh, you call it that! Apparently the Spaniards have a special tool for each dish! And, having to make do with it, I preferred to use the cookie-cutter to make mini churros!
Everyone liked it! So to start so small it seems to be many more, so the happiness to bring them to the table and hear you say “wow how many!” It is immense! Then they are more manageable with chocolate over that does not drip everywhere as you try to win the race against time to be able to eat the churros before the chocolate falls ruinously on clothes. Two bites and they are finished.
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