We arrived (almost) in late May and close the month with a last recipe for the way of flavors .
This month Spain has particularly inspired me !!
Another of the dishes that I loved of my travels in Spain was the tortilla and its ability to find it everywhere!
In the bars there was a wide selection of bocadillos with tortilla de patatas, most of the tapas, popular appetizers in Spain, had at least three tortilla plates cut into rectangles, and finally I came across a “tortilla brava” that had a spicy sauce, the same as bravas, spicy and tomato-based pimenton potatoes.
So if I think of Spain in order – of my personal tastes – I come to mind: paella, churros and … tortilla!
And the tortilla in the end is nothing but a potato omelette. And as I was amazed to find a version also in the manual! Actually I immediately sent a photo to Serena to inform her of the discovery! But how could I miss this opportunity? And, since May was almost over, I started to peel potatoes and the result you see below!
With the special guest of Nonna Papera in 20 minutes I had my potato tortilla! Soft, soft and foamy. Actually I have not just crushed all-potatoes a little ‘because I like the consistency of the solid potato a bit’ because in my memories the tortillas I had the pieces of potatoes, not the puree!
It was love at first glance even for Cecilia and I also told her how her mother ate a lot when she went to Spain to find her aunt with a big belly!

The tortilla of Castiglia – Manuale di Nonna Papera

“You know how it is, boys, when you tortilla!” Tortilla today, tortilla tomorrow and you find yourself between head and neck an omelette as if nothing had happened, but not so she had to think Isabella queen of Castile the day when, lying in her hands ‘egg of Columbus, instead of making an omelette laughed, but Isabella also had a sense of business and so, stifled laughter, lent to the Genoese Christopher the famous caravelle so that he discovered something … indifferently, the Indies or the’ America, and since the caravels alone were slow to sail, he sent out magnanimously from the prisons, adventurers, thieves and marauders of the worst kind and sent them, not their own, to discover! “
  • 5 eggs
  • 4 potatoes
  • 2 onions
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper


Cut the potatoes (peeled!) Into small pieces and the onion onions, and sauté all in abundant oil. While they are cooking, crush the potatoes and onions well with the fork, so as to obtain a kind of mashed potatoes. Beat the eggs with salt in a holster (if you have not done so, remember to salt and pepper the vegetables!), Pour into the pan and brown the omelette on both sides: it should be about two fingers high. To obtain a perfect cooking, use an iron pan and turn the tortilla using an oiled dish.
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